The World Light Festival is an informative togetherness of health both mental and physical. The World Light Festival stands for two days Saturday and Sunday, always the third weekend of September, and takes place at Lágarfellskóli in Mosfellsbær and has been held since 2010.

Admission fee is only paid at the entrance and the ticket applies, for both days. The fee has been around 1.000 kr.

The Icelandi PG Association are the developer The World Light Festival. Everyone is welcome to join and participate. Those interested in promotion, treatment or other ideas, can contact you here

The World Light Festival consists of :
  • Vegetarian restaurant where you can buy vegetarian lunch, coffee and cakes throughout the day.
  • 12 Lectures over the weekend, mostly in icelandi
  • Treatments: short trial hours in treatment and it changes year after year what is available. No fee is paid for treatment, but therapists deny free donations. Among other things are card games, healing, headbone and cardboard, Bowen
  • Meditation room with different meditation throughout the weekend.
  • Market Square: sales and promotions of arts, courses, food and various related to human and health.
  • Medium groups, drums and dance.