Aishling Muller is an intuitive physic, energy healer & visionary artist.  She trained with stones & natural gems at the Academy of Crystals & Natural Healing in Scotland & has been working with crystals & sound since 2012. She has also completed training in sound healing and subtle body energy fields. She is a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

Aishling draws on her experience of self healing & experiences in the creative fields. This allows her to enter a state of pure presence working intuitively within the subconscious realms removing energetic blocks and imbalance within the clients energetic fields.  

Aishling has a keen interest in the mysteries of the worlds ancient cultures & has visited many sacred sites around the globe. She has spent time connecting at sites in Ireland, Egypt, Cambodia, Malta, Turkey, Greece, Scotland, England, Peru & Ecuador.  Over the years she has had many possibilities to work with alternative healing,  travel, create, teach & inspire people with her works. She currently lives and works in Iceland & divides her time as an artist & lightworker.  For more information about her artworks:


Aishling Muller er þátttakandi í eftirtöldum atburðum

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