Crystals & sound Hugleiðsla

crystals & sound
Aishling Muller, Energy healer and visionary artist

Crystals & sound Hugleiðsla

use of both crystals & sound as holistic therapy dates back millennia & were often used by shaman & healers in the great ancient civilisations. Incorporating the healing power of natural crystal minerals & gemstones complemented with sound therapy, these alternative treatments can help in restoring energetic alignment & balance. Each individual crystal carries with it their own energetic signature which can communicate, meld & work within our own energetic beings clearing, unblocking & amplifying the unique rhythm of energy around our body. When one vibration meets another the two are equally changed & transformed allowing the healing tones & stones to meld with our own frequencies.

These treatments work on many levels, emotional, physical, psychological & energetic. If you are suffering physical discomfort from Illness, emotional distress, insomnia, anxiety or feeling lost or stuck, you’ll make headway into feeling better in yourself. This is one full hour dedicated to you & the needs of your inner being. Each session uses a different set of crystals & combination of sounds which have been intuitively identified to match & balance the needs of your energetic being

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